sábado, 30 de julho de 2011

A Week in the Life - Thursday Phots + Words

Hey, how are you folks?
Well, first of all I'd like to say that I'm thankful for having the opportunity to take part on this project and also for sharing my one-week-vacation in such a fun and happy way!
I must confess I'm really having fun taking so many pictures everyday! It's a wonderful experience. The only problem about taking pictures all the time is that people look at me asking:"What's she doing?", I don't mind though!
I'm enjoying my trip, having a good time with my son and husband, that's important!
Yesterday we couldn't go to the beach because my son, João Gabriel was not feeling well, so we had some fun at the shopping mall!We had lunch at Ferrero Café, we tried to see Kung Fu Panda, but it wasn't possible because they were sold out...We went to the bookstore and of course we bought "some" books!That's something I really love: Spend some time at books.
Now, let me stop beating around the bush and post Thursday's pics!
An old ship and the sea!
A view!
The street next to the hotel
A tree looking at the sky!
The electricity box with a face on it!
Piano and I...
Under the piano...
Wanna exchange some money? That's the place!lol
I'm starving mom!
Can I have something to eat NOW?
Ferrero CafE Restaurant

Up to the cinema!

The floor...
The reality on a t-shirt.
He loves architectural projects!

Classical books, love them!
Sounds interesting!
Have you read them?
This one is perfect!Look at this wonderful cover!Loved it!
There are so many books...doubts...
Let me see...
Anything else?
Gimme a hand mommy!
My family! Love these guys!
Let's run, mum!
The three of us!lol
Comfortable!Love them!
"You're still the one"
Relaxing in a round and different kind of "bench"

I've taken 107 photos, but decided to post just 50!LOL!
This is a wonderful project!
Rommel answering to your question: Next week I think about the album!!!!LOL
Night,night, sleep tight!
See you tomorrow and thank you for stopping by!

5 comentários:

Tania Martyns disse...

Dri ,
ameiiiiiiiiiiiii todas as fotos !
Vai ter foto para fazer muuuuuuuito scrap ,uhuuuuuuu!!!!!!kkkk.
Estou com saudades de ocê!!!!!!!!
Beijos !

Elaine Maffessoni Machado disse...

Que dia perfeito, Dri!!! Espero que o João Gabriel já esteja 100% pra aproveitar essas férias deliciosas! Eu também amo livros! Posso passar um dia inteiro dentro de uma livraria! E sou apaixonada, especialmente, pelos clássicos!!! Alguns eu leio, releio e depois de um tempo pego pra ler de novo. Amo!!! Bom, vou ver se hoje posto fotos de 2 dias. Ontem cheguei tarde em casa e não me animei! E amiga, vc vai ter fotos pra muito scrap mesmo, além do álbum! Cada foto linda!!! Beijos! Ah, e o pap que vc falou, na yummys... quero ver!!! Há muito tempo estou trabalhando de mais e tendo tempo pra mim de menos... por isso sumi de todos os sites e até do scrap! Agora quero mudar isso... Vou achar fácil o seu pap? Qualquer coisa te pesso ajuda, tá! Beijos e mais um dia lindo de férias e fotos pra vc!

Scrapflicka disse...

Wow, great photos! I especially liked the one of you, such a cool self portrait!

Claudia Ventura disse...

Eita que essa viagem vai render muitos LOs... quantas fotos lindas, estou amando!

Ana Castro disse...

Dri!!! Que bom saber que o João e o Dani têm tantas coisas em comum: são lindos, gostam de maquetes de edifícios e de livros!!! bjs